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Struggling to find freelance work which pays in Bitcoin? We want to change that and make it easy for freelancers. All employers who visit cryptogrind are looking to pay for work using Bitcoin.

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Cryptogrind offers bitcoin multi-signature escrow, and never store your Bitcoins or Private Keys in any database or wallet. With the use of Node.js and Bitcore technology, we access the blockchain directly with no need for hot wallets.

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If you're a freelancer looking to be paid in Bitoin, simply register your skills and services, and start making contacts in the digital currency world today. Free unlimted service listings

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Freelancers on cryptogrind are commited to providing top quality work. They value Bitcoin more than traditional fiat currency, and are therefore more inclined to produce high quality work for thier employers.

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Bitcoin is more secure and a much faster way to pay freelance services. Stay secure with cryptogrind Bitcoin Multi-Signature escrow, ordering services on cryptogrind comes with no obligation. You can cancel orders at any time after ordering.

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